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See this link for a full explanation on how to format wiki pages properly. Below is just the most basic stuff to get started.

"Edit" vs "Edit Source" options[edit]

"Edit" will being you to the Visual Editor, which is what people who hate Mediawiki syntax use

"Edit Source" is what most people use, and what Wikipedia uses by default, it uses Mediawiki syntax instead of visual editing. See the next section for Mediawiki syntax

Mediawiki Syntax[edit]

  • [[linktopage]] creates a link to a page
  • ==SubsectionName== creates a subsection, and more than three subsections creates a table of contents automatically
  • ===Sub-SubsectionName=== creates a sub-subsection within ==SubsectionName==
  • <youtube>youtubeID</youtube> embeds a Youtube video. The Youtube video ID is a set of 11 random looking character at the end of a Youtube URL, right after "watch?v="

Uploading images for "edit source"[edit]

Click on "Upload File" on the sidebar here


It will then give you an image name, which will be the name you chose to upload it as. On the page you want the image embedded, put [[File:imagename.png|thumb|right]] in source.

This is actually more straightforward then using the Visual Editor.

Uploading images for "edit" (Visual Editor)[edit]

Click "Insert", then "Media". Then click "upload", "select a file", then check "this is my own work", then click, "upload", then enter in a description, the click "save", then click "use this image", then choose how you want it inserted, and click "insert", then click "save changes".

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