Patriarchy Theory

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A patriarchy theory believer trying to figure things out.

The patriarchy theory is a misandric conspiracy theory and one of the core set of beliefs of feminism. The theory states that:

  1. Men unfairly hold most positions of power in society and prevent women from gaining power through discrimination and imposing oppressive gender norms and that
  2. The resulting social system called patriarchy is designated to make men's lives easier at women's expense.

Patriarchy theory is empirically wrong[edit]

The patriarchy theory goes against reality as women are given preferential treatment throughout all their lives. They live easier and happier lives and largely benefit from discrimination rather than suffer from it, including in job and promotion interviews. Men live on average far harder lives ridden with precarity, low life-expectancy, cruelty, ruthlessness and suicide. As a consequence the patriarchy theory generates a lot of cognitive dissonance among its believers. A feminist will often use victim-blaming tactics and eruct "patriarchy hurts men too!" when presented with any of the very numerous instances in which men are treated like garbage for the sole reason of their sex.

History of the term[edit]

Although the term patriarchy means rule of fathers and was used in the correct sense in the past to refer to the father-centric structure of the Western family of the 19th and early 20th century, the term is now wrongly used in place of androcracy i.e. rule of men as the family has become matriarchal, fathers being discriminated against in family courts and a significant proportion of children growing up fatherless.

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