The Hatred of Furries

The Hatred of Furries is most likely due to misandry and contempt for non gender conforming men. The furry community is basically the punching bag of every other online group.

This hostile right-winger cries out to "delete" furries in the name of gamers, and gains 14,000 likes. Where are the pro-"geek" gamers to call out the hostile divisiveness?

Stereotypical view of furriesEdit

Since society at large holds men who do not conform to gender roles based on male utility in contempt, many furry haters will smear furries based on their lack of status. Furries will be attacked for being 'unemployed losers', socially awkward, ugly, or 'living in their mother's basement'. That is not the worst of it either. Furries get attacked for their "sexual degeneracy", many furry haters are homophobic, and will attack furries for being gay. Also, many Furry haters will even attack furs for being pedophiles and frame them as being dangerous to kids.

Why do fur haters hate furries?Edit

A lot of right-wing men have anxiety about their low status and deselection at the hands of women. Instead of coming to terms with their hang ups, and letting go of their obsession with women, these men instead try to sooth their anxiety by attacking others. Furries do not stick up for themselves very vigorously and thus seen as an easy target for abuse.

Women hold furries in contempt because they are seen as low status. The Furry community is seen as creepy, and not mainstream. Due to the stereotypes associated with furries, most females will not want to have anything to do with a community of men who like to dress up as a hobby.

Furry hate stops at female furriesEdit

Trevor Cormier and Alex Cat did the below video, exposing how when furry hate gets extended to women and girls, people will turn against furry hate very fast.

Examples of smears directed at FurriesEdit

This webcomic is nothing more than a deranged smear on an entire community. The author has serious issues.

Stonetoss is a right wing nut job webcomic artist that links the furry fandom to Marxism for some reason.

Furry channels attract homophobic attacks against "degenerate" and "ugly" men. This rant left by a closet, "traditional" gay person is deranged.

This meme comic depicts furries as ugly male slobs. It is borne from misandry and contempt for low-status geeky men.

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