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Peter Schiff is an example of a collapse porn artist

Collapse porn is a manipulative form of media that makes repeated false predictions of 'inevitable' and 'imminent social collapse'.

Collapse porn artists are generally tradcons and they create such content because they want to condition society to the economic devastation they will cause through austerity measures. As they are the ones trying to create an economic collapse, to place most of the population in poverty, so people are forced into traditional gender roles.


Here are excerpts from a very popular collapse porn blog called "Zerohedge", and it's main author, "Tyler Durden". It is, of course, a tradcon blog. Note, through his name, that collapse porn artists tend to strong man posture, and there may be a link between fantasization of societal collapse and toxic masculinity.

Here is Zerohedge making a false and totally unsubstantiated hyperinflation prediction in 2011
Then they peddle a false 'total social collapse' narrative in 2012
Then they peddle a false stock market crash prediction in 2013
Then they peddle a false 'total Western collapse' narrative in 2015
And again make another false prediction
That same year, 2015, they intersperse fake collapse narratives with the narrative that 'gender equality is causing male dropout/suicide'
This blog of course whines about people criticizing traditional gender roles

There are thousands more examples, just from this one blog, this list could just go on forever. False prediction after false prediction, often daily.

Collapse porn artists create the "inevitable" conditions for collapse[edit]

Collapse porn artists usually create the conditions for any possible economic collapse they claim is 'due to women working' or 'due to federal government deficits' or whatever. For example, by telling politicians to let the economy bleed dry every time there is a financial crisis, like they did between 2007-2016 in the USA.

As far as gender, the claim of collapse porn artists is that women working causes men massive harm. They then interperse that narrative with economic collapse narratives to get their readers to associate women working with economic collapse. First off, this never happened ever in the history of women working. And again, every economic collapse these tradcons blame on degeneracy is born from their own hyper-austerity economics. And the tradcons will sometimes cop to this. Even they know they are basically political terrorists.

Austrian economics sympathizers[edit]

muh gold

Collapse porn artists tend to have sympathies with a bullshit, thoroughly debunked school of anarcho-capitalist, hyper-individualist, superstitious[1] economics called 'Austrian economics'. This is a mid-20th century economic theory that turned into an activist group after the collapse of the gold standard, given their entire theory is based on a gold standard existing. Therefore, they constantly pretend we are on a gold standard, or simply push the idea of returning to one.

Austrian 'economists' and sympathizers morally justify economic collapses as 'clearing out bad business'. When in reality, all that bleeding out the economy during a recession does is create Hoovervilles. That is homeless camps, while monopolists still own shitty businesses.

Collapse porn artists tell people to purchase gold or bitcoin every 15 minutes (even though Gold doesn't usually rise during recessions), then dissolve the economy, and let everyone else pick up the pieces and fix things.

This idiocy was what made the Great Depression so fucking terrible, so you'd have to wonder what fucking dumbass would believe this horseshit, right?

Collapse porn artists (Peter Schiff, ZeroHedge etc) are those people.

Collapse porn within the men's right's and MGTOW communities.[edit]

One of the problems with collapse porn is that fact it tends to invade male spaces. Collapse porn is very attractive to socially isolated, low status righter-wingers. The MRM and MGTOW communities are full of righter-wingers, and right-wing men are hostile to other men, and tend to have delusional power fantasies. These men believe if society collapsed, they would come out the winner. The thought of other rival men dying off in big numbers also appeals to the hostile, right-wing mindset. Right-wing MRAs resort to this fantasy because they feel society doesn't serve them, and because it doesn't serve them, therefore it must collapse. This is a very solipsistic way of thinking.

Turd Flinging Monkey is a classic example of a MGTOW collapse porn addict, when he started making MGTOW videos, the collapse porn narrative started to take over the MGTOW community. Many MGTOW's are men on marriage strike, waiting for the collapse, so they can get women to depend on them again.

Also Turd Flinging Monkey promoted an even bigger collapse porn advocate, Black Pigeon Speaks, and thus invited even more right -wingers into MGTOW. (Youtube has taken this video down)

Collapse porn is anti-male[edit]

Collapse porn is anti-male for two main reasons.

  1. It is about power fantasy based on hostility towards other men, mixed in with strong man delusions,
  2. It is an idea that appeals to mate guarders who want the girl at any cost. They want society to collapse so the price of female companionship drops. These lunatics would be willing to set the clock back and undo decades of economic development to achieve their ends. The past was in fact even worse for men, and men who want to return to that are anti-male, female obsessed authoritarian personality types. Thankfully these nut cases are not in a position to turn their fantasies into reality, but they can trash pro male spaces, if the pro male community is not vigilant about keeping them out.


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