Female Social Dominance

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Female social dominance describes how women are naturally socially dominant. It is a common misconception among people that women are naturally submissive, and men are naturally dominant. Many people seem to conflate being passive and risk avoidant, with being submissive. But if women are able to get what they want out of life by being passive, that is a sign not only of their privilege, but their social dominance.

Husbands have always been socially submissive to women[edit]

The typical heterosexual relationship, is a man taking on more burdens and risks by working longer and harder than his female partner. Also society is structured so women can end their relationships in such a way, that they can gain money and resources without the man; consent, even though she has ended the association. The fact that men are so desperate and willing to take these risks and burdens on show that they are the submissive ones in the relationships. Men are in fact naturally meek and submissive to their wives, and in general have always been so.

Biological determinist falsehoods[edit]

Also many right wing biological determinists try to deflect and deny the obvious by making appeals to biology, They will often randomly bring up hormones like testosterone, claiming it makes men naturally more dominant, this is just a bare assertion .

This screen cap of marriage data below shows how relationships work out between the sexes:
Average annual hours worked by genders and marital status.png

Also, females tend to get their way on the macro level, women pushing men out of the work place, and pushing men out of geek spaces are examples of this.

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