Feminist Gaslighting

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Feminist gaslighting is one of the main methods of abuse that feminists use against men.

Feminists are just barefaced liars and are completely shameless about it. This is why trying to reason with feminists is a complete waste of time. Many MRA's are trying to negotiate with feminists because deep down they want their approval. Even the most servile male feminist doesn't win the approval of feminists, so of course groveling to them is a complete waste of time. One should not be trying to win the approval of feminists anyway, bigots should be shunned completely, not reasoned with.

What is gaslighting?[edit]

You can read up on it here.

Some Examples Of Feminist Gaslighting.[edit]

One of the biggest lies feminists tell is the claim that they want to get rid of gender roles. Even the most superficial study of the feminist movement will reveal that claim to be completely false. For example, feminists have blocked shared parenting reform. NOW was the main lobby group pushing to block this. The National Organisation of Women is the biggest feminist lobby in the world.[1]

He for She[edit]

Another example is the He for She campaign:

Here is Emma Watson calling on men to serve women, this is only a call that a privileged caste of extra humans can make, and more proof that feminists want to keep men in their gender roles.

Feminist theory is based on a lie, the lie that gender roles oppress women. Women in fact benefit from gender roles, and fight with all their might to keep their female privileges. Feminists often use the euphemism sex based rights. If feminists wanted equality, they would not fight for sex based rights. So it can be said that feminism is nothing but gaslighting of men.

Wage gap is only the 'money earned' gap[edit]

Yet another example of feminist gaslighting is the feminist complaint of the, "wage gap".

Feminists try and parrot a deranged conspiracy theory that. 'men conspire to keep women down by paying them less'.

This is complete bull, as the wage gap is nothing more than the money earned gap. Men work longer hours, work more dangerous jobs, and work overtime more. The money earned gap is due solely to the gender roles that women try to enforce on men via sexual selection. The wage gap defamation is nothing more than, "deny the victim and reverse the offender". Feminists are putting men on the defensive, trying to make them take the blame for taking on gender roles that women demand. Men have nothing to explain or apologize for, and instead feminists have to explain how are women managing to do 80 percent of the consumer spending while earning less money?[2]

Gaslighting as a burden on men[edit]

It is clear that women are practising parasitism off the backs of men, putting more burdens on them, and then calling them oppressors while doing so.


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