High Brow MGTOW's

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The term high brow MGTOW's is often used to refer to the more intellectual mgtow content makers. The term is use to distinguish the higher quality content makers from the typical migtard content spammer. Migtards tend to obsessively post about the same topics over and over again. Women hitting the wall, going monk, the levels of mgtow. the fact women need men and are missing them, men walking away from women,. Migtards do not tend to have the capacitiy to come up with ideas, and just spurge out the same emotionally gratifying content over and over again. Most Migtard content is nothing but strong man posturing. Since the sharp decline of MGTOW since Bar Bar left, most MGTOW content makers are migtards.

The Golden Age Of MGTOW[edit]

MGTOW had its origins in PUA and right wing anti feminist forums. This started in the early 00's roughly. This can be called the first wave of MGTOW. The second wave of mgtow started around 2010/11. Barbarossaaa started posting videos on his channel on April 9th 2009. Bar Bar soon started posting MGTOW content, that was also men's rights related.