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Legal Eagle is a misandrist Youtube celebrity.

Justifying misandry[edit]

Legal Eagle, to get clicks, used fictional scenarios from movies to talk about the law. In one video, he uses a scene where a super powered Captain Marvel tortures a regular human being with no superpowers, just because he approached her.

Legal Eagle uses all sorts of bizarre rationalizations to excuse the assault. Claiming that touching a newspaper is grounds for attacking someone, and claiming that, "how about a smile for me", can be interpreted as a threat. (using that logic any greeting can be interpreted as a threat.)

Legal Eagle's video was so batshit insane and illogical even tradcon e-lawyers decided to rip him apart. (Note: uncivil law did a video shitting on the dead MRA: Marc Angelucci)

Trevor responds[edit]

The pro-male youtuber Trevor Cormier did a reply video as well.

Legal Eagle's misandry is mainstream[edit]

Legal Eagle has over 1 million subs, and is now mainstream. The fact someone can advocate for the abuse of men by women like this, and still be mainstream in society shows how misandry is just background radiation in this society. The fact that disney filmed a scene like this, and thought about putting it in, shows how violence and abuse against men is normalised. Captain Marvel was abusing a normal human because she found him creepy and annoying, he was zero threat to her.

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