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Pro Male Vendetta[edit]


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Trevor Cormier[edit]


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Pro Male Vanguard[edit]


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Pro Male Awakening[edit]


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Save The Babies From Knife rape[edit]


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Uprising At Blue Dawn[edit]


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Pro Male Empathy[edit]


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The Origins the Youtube Pro Male Community
Youtube has been an important in the growth of the pro male collective. The origins of the pro male collective lie in a google hangout group. The group formed because some people were sick of the trad con lead men’s rights movement, and the alt right take over of MGTOW lead by a youtuber called Turd Flinging Monkey. Most of the members of the group dropped the MGTOW label completely after the you-tuber bar bar took money for a book and never delivered,

The youtuber Analyzing Male Slavery and Male Sentient Void were the first two youtubers on the group, and recruited more people via their you-tube channel.

Around the time Google hangouts announced they were shutting their services down, the group moved over to discord and named themselves the Pro Male Collective. After countless hours of discussion a new pro male ideology was formed.

More and more people have become pro male content makers, as most of the people recruited have been attracted to the cause via pro male you-tube channels.

The Pro Male Collective considers YouTube a central part of their growth strategy. It is the only way to by pass the anti male mainstream media, and the trad con controlled men’s rights movement.

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