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Marc Etienne Angelucci (March 30, 1968 – July 11, 2020) was an American MRA lawyer and the vice president of the NCFM. Until his death in July 2020, he had brought up several lawsuits in favor of equality for men and won several major cases. Most of his MRM-related work was pro bono publico.[1] He was murdered in July 2020, allegedly by a right-wing anti-feminist named Roy Den Hollander.

Legal work[edit]

Marc Angelucci joined the NCFM as a student in 1997 after that his friend who was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of his wife was denied domestic violence protection services because he was male.[2]

In 2008 he won the Wood v. Horton case regarding the exclusion of male victims of domestic violence from Californian domestic violence protection services.[3]

In 2016 Angelucci appeared in the documentary The Red Pill. He was a personal friend of the director, Cassie Jaye.[1]

In February 2019 Angelucci won his case against male-only draft by having a federal judge rule that it is unconstitutional.[4]


On 11 July 2020 Marc Angelucci was fatally shot in front his Californian home. Angelucci was Roy Den Hollander's rival as they both competed for abolishing male-only conscription. Angelucci won his case in February 2019 as male-only selective service registration was ruled unconstitutional while Den Hollander's own case was still pending in another state. Roy Den Hollander traveled to California at the time of Marc Angelucci's murder and he is considered the primary suspect by the police.[5] Den Hollander allegedly went on to attack the family of Esther Salas at her home, the judge who was presiding over his own case against male-only draft that started in 2015. He had previously accused her to have delayed the case for political reasons. Den Hollander allegedly killed her son and severely wounded her husband but was not able to find her as she was hidden in the basement. He had terminal melanoma cancer and allegedly committed suicide after the second murder.[6]


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