Men's Rights Movement

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An MRA march in San Jose. Signs read “we are functional parents, not ATM machines.”

The men's rights movement (MRM) is an activist movement that advocates for men's issues. It focuses on issues that include among others marital and parental custody laws, circumcision, conscription, domestic violence and male suicide. Prominent men's rights activists (MRA) include Warren Farrell, Karen Straughan, Paul Elam, Janice Fiamengo and Tom Golden.


The father of the modern men's rights movement is often considered to be Warren Farrell, a former feminist who served on the board of the National Organization for Women.

Although he did not identify as a MRA as the terms were not yet popularized, one of the earliest advocates for men's rights was English barrister Ernest Belfort Bax.


The MRM received criticism from the feminist establishment for allegedly being misogynistic. The Southern Poverty Law Center went as far as calling Paul Elam's organization A Voice For Men a male supremacist organization. Most of this criticism is accusation of not being gynocentric where people falsely equate non-gynocentric equal treatment with misogyny as privileged treatment of women is the norm.

The public is often hostile to the MRM as well but for traditional conservative reasons, men being expected to be quiet and take the abuse because of their inherent disposability, especially when the abuse is perpetrated by women or for women's interests. Traditional conservative opposition falls within the "Man up and be disposable" narrative.

Other critics of the MRM include progressive male advocates like the Pro Male Collective who believe that the conservative leanings of most of MRAs are incompatible with a truly pro male stance as traditional conservatism is based on male disposability.

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