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Paul Elam is a prominent member of the men's rights movement and the founder of A Voice For Men and An Ear For Men. He is a typical right-wing MRA. On April 15th, 2020, Paul Elam declared that he would no longer upload videos on Youtube to protest against the alleged censorship of his channel.[1]

Anti-male statements[edit]

In an article written on AVFM about men broken by the family court system who write to him to get help and counseling,[2] Paul Elam wrote:

I think perhaps, I have been struggling with the wrong issues when replying to these men. Perhaps there is something else I should be saying; some other words of wisdom that I could try to impart to help them address the very real problems they face directly at the source. How about I just say what really needs to be said? Like, fuck you. Like, tough shit. Like, go fucking bother someone else with your problems. I’m quite serious.

In a AEFM video, Paul Elam admitted to being pro-male disposability:[3]

Men operate in a hierarchy. We do. And it's based on effort and status. That is the reality of our existence. . . . The price of hierarchy is an elevated suicide rate, it is burnout at work, it's stress-related diseases. The other side of hierarchy is curing cancer and landing on the Moon. . . . I think that men generally speaking want to adopt a feminist-style mentality of "Oh, we recognize we're working too hard and we need to work less." I don't want any part of that, that's insane. And it's insane for society to adopt an attitude full of men working less. It's not always pretty. Again, early death, suicide, alcoholism, depression. . . . I'm very very wary of a men's movement that will adopt the idea that we recognize that men face these hardships and that the answer is to be more like women.

Paul Elam's sophisticated thinking can be summarized as follows: "the male dominance hierarchy hurts men a lot: early death, precarity and suicide. But it makes men more productive and society benefits from it so we should fully embrace that system."

With MRAs like Paul Elam, who needs misandrists?

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