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Roy Den Hollander (September 26, 1947 – July 20, 2020) was an American, right-wing, anti-feminist lawyer. He is the primary suspect in two murder cases, including one in which the victim was the prominent MRA, "Marc Angelucci".

Personal life[edit]

He got divorced and wrote about this on his website through a long, rambling manifesto. Roy Den Hollander was an MRA who was booted out of the MRA movement by other MRAs. Even the tradcons at A Voice for Men wanted nothing to do with him because he was so nutty. Also, the National Coalition for Men wanted nothing to do with Hollander either.

Roy allegedly murders an MRA[edit]

Roy Den Hollander was involved in a case arguing that the draft was unconstitutional. He dropped out of the case in 2019 due to a illness he claimed was terminal. Marc Angelucci, the Vice President of The National Coalition for Men had a separate case that he managed to win. Roy Den Hollander \had a serve case of narcissistic rage, and allegedly decided to kill Marc Angelucci.

Roy allegedly murders judge's son[edit]

Roy Den Hollander also had a grudge against district judge, "Esther Salas". Being a complete coward, Hollander decided to murder the son and husband of this woman. The woman worshiping media is calling this a, "misogynistic attack", even though not one single woman was killed. It is highly unlikely that a tradcon will kill anyone with misogyny as a motive, and the motive was more likely to be political. If you read the website and manifesto of Den Hollander you will notice he spends a lot of time ranting against leftists and the Democrats.

Attacks on the MRM[edit]

In his manifesto Roy Den Hollander attacked the men's rights movement as being a bunch of weak feminists and claimed that female on male domestic violence is not serious.

Men’s Rights Movement

I don’t belong to that group of wimps and whiners. They’re trying to win back their rights by acting like girls instead of men.

Most men’s rights advocates act like little girls and behave largely as the Feminists tell them to. You can identify them by the politically correct lingo they use and their copying of Feminists tactics by simply changing the sex. For example, “A woman is more likely to physically attack a guy than vice versa.” True, but who cares, unless she’s behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz. Even if she has a gun, most girls can’t shoot straight anyway, so unless it’s a shotgun, she’ll miss.

In one of my martial arts class, one Senshi always told us don’t hit the girls and I don’t. I let them hit me, which rarely hurts, unless it’s low.

What the men’s righters don’t understand is that girls have different weapons for causing evil, such as fraud and the intentional infliction of emotional distress.

You can find this quote on page 97 of his manifesto here.

Toxic 'Strong man posturing' right-wing people like Roy offer nothing[edit]

Trad cons and right wingers not only offer the men's rights movement zero value, they are in fact a negative influence on the movement. While Roy Den Hollanders actions are a extreme example, they do highlight the problems of the toxic right wing strong man posturing losers can cause. The right wing "tough guys" will deny the concerns of others, and just fixate on their own pet obsessions, often revolving around their failed attempts at the trad con life style.

Media response[edit]

Despite significant evidence Den Hollander wasn't a MRA, as he explicitly stated his opposition to the MRM, his support for male victim exclusionary domestic violence policies and as he was also kicked out of MRM organisations like the NFCM, several female supremacist outlets still decided to slander the MRM by association, by labelling him a men's right activist. Such was for instance the case of The Daily Beast that referred to Den Hollander as "a prominent member . . . of the so-called men's rights movement."[1]


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