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SJW is an abbreviation for the term social justice warrior. Many right-wingers use this term a lot to describe leftists. Often right-wingers will use the term, "SJW", to hijack and derail the conversation in male spaces and steer it into typical right vs left scapegoating.

Usage of term is a slave mentality[edit]

Also, many right-wingers and centrists are too scared to call feminists out directly, and use the term SJW as a euphemism. For example, there has been a female feminist take over of several geek culture franchises like Marvel Comics or Star Wars. Most right wing analysis of this has been very superficial as it is stuck in a right wing frame of reference.

Many right wing men do not want to call the feminists out and use the term SJW in a gender neutral fashions, then will then suddenly start blaming weak leftist, "soy men", for the problems feminists cause.

Left wing men and right wing men both pander to women, often in exactly the same manner. So right wing men who attack other men as soyboys are trying to mask their own sense of shame over being submissive and servile to women.

No point to the term[edit]

There is no point using the term SJW, as it is right wing syntax and the usage of it will attract other right wingers. Also the term, "intersectional feminist" is a far more accurate term, and should be used instead, since all social justice warriors are intersectional feminists.

Need for new terminology[edit]

Pro male spaces should strive to create their own terminology, so there is less confusion with other groups and a smaller risk of hijacking by other groups.

The term woke is also now used interchangeably with the term SJW as it means the same thing.

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