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Valerie Solanas was a paranoid, mentally ill, radical feminist did the shooting of Andy Warhol. She was the author of the deranged rambling called, "The Scum Manifesto". She is most likely only famous at all because she shot Andy Warhol, and no would of remembered her book, "The Scum Manifesto", today otherwise.

Background To Shooting[edit]

Valerie knew Andy Warhol as she was a bit player in some of the art films he produced, and wanted him to produce a play called, "Up Your Ass". Since Valerie was a humorless feminist, her play was considered shit, and Andy had no interest in doing it. Andy was so disinterested in the play, he lost the manuscript of it. Being a paranoid nut job, Valerie was convinced Andy Warhol wanted to steal her play and her ideas. Like many paranoid nut jobs, Valerie had grandiose traits, and had to be deeply delusional with no self awareness if she thought her deranged writings were worth stealing. Solanas started stalking Andy Warhol and started threatening him. Andy decided to ignore her and thought she would just go away.

The Shooting[edit]

On June 3, 1968, Solanas showed up at Warhol’s new office at 33 Union Square West; With a .32 Beretta, she shot both Warhol and Mario Amaya, the London art gallery owner he was meeting with, then left the building. She not only shot someone she had a paranoid grudge with, but she shot an innocent male bystander. This shows that when radical feminists talk about killing men, that it is not a joke. Solanas also tried to shoot Fred Hughes, Warhol's manager, in the head, but her gun jammed.

Two bullets from Solanas’ gun tore through Warhol’s stomach, liver, spleen, esophagus and both lungs. He was briefly declared dead at one point, but doctors were able to revive him. He spent two months in the hospital recuperating from various surgeries, and would be forced to wear a surgical corset for the rest of his life to hold his organs in place.

Luckily for Mario Amaya his injuries were not that serious.

Female Privilege[edit]

Solanas give herself up to the police declaring "He had too much control over my life". Like many feminists, she blamed the victim of her violence for her actions. Despite being a violent man hating bigot who gave Andy Warhol severe injuries, the judge only sentenced her to three years. Solanas was a free woman by 1971.

Feminist Reaction To The Shooting.[edit]

Ti-Grace Atkinson, the New York chapter president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), described Solanas as "the first outstanding champion of women's rights" and "a 'heroine' of the feminist movement," and "smuggled [her manifesto] ... out of the mental hospital where Solanas was confined." According to Betty Friedan, the NOW board rejected Atkinson. Atkinson left NOW and started another feminist organization. According to Friedan, "the media continued to treat Ti-Grace as a leader of the women's movement, despite its repudiation of her."

Another NOW member, Florynce Kennedy, called Solanas, "one of the most important spokeswomen of the feminist movement."

English professor Dana Heller argued that Solanas was, "very much aware of feminist organizations and activism", but, "had no interest in participating in what she often described as, "a civil disobedience luncheon club." Heller also stated that Solanas could, "reject mainstream liberal feminism for its blind adherence to cultural codes of feminine politeness and decorum which the SCUM Manifesto identifies as the source of women's debased social status."

These quotes prove that mainstream feminists of the time were babbling nonsense about her being a hero, showing a complete psychopathic disregard for the suffering of Andy Warhol. I think this more or less proves feminism has always been a hate movement.

In fact, many feminists seem to be proud of Valerie Solanas:

Solanas has also been credited with instigating radical feminism. Catherine Lord wrote that "the feminist movement would not have happened without Valerie Solanas." Lord believed that the reissuing of the SCUM Manifesto and the disowning of Solanas by "women's liberation politicos" triggered a wave of radical feminist publications. According to Vivian Gornick, many of the women's liberation activists who initially distanced themselves from Solanas changed their minds a year later, developing the first wave of radical feminism. At the same time, perceptions of Warhol were transformed from largely nonpolitical into political martyrdom because the motive for the shooting was political, according to Harding and Victor Bockris."

It seems some feminists want to give Solanas credit for instigating radical feminism. Do not let feminists claim that feminism is non-violent, as the shooting of Andy Warhol is proof that feminism is a hateful, violent ideology. This can't be dismissed as cherry picking, as while the shootings were the actions of a lone nut job, many feminists supported her. Feminists were in fact enabling her violence. People even today speak of her as if she was a hero. Valerie Solanas was a disgusting, violent coward,who should of spent the rest of her life in jail, but only served three years due to female privilege, thus debunking the notion that females during the 60s and 70s were oppressed and feminism liberated them.


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