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Strong man posturing from a former US presidential candidate.

Strong Man posturing is a harmful coping behaviour that some men engage in to deny reality. This behaviour is very common in right-wing spaces such as MGTOW.

Unearned Emotional Gratification[edit]

Men don't want to take risks, but they also want to pretend they are powerful and have status so they can feel good about themselves.

Male weakness drives strong man posturing[edit]

Many men are passive by nature and are risk avoidant. Many men will only take risks if they think it will earn them a chance of mating with a female. So therefore many men are totally disinterested in men's rights. So right-wing, MGTOW, libertarian types advocate a passive and anti-activist life strategy, of waiting out for a societal collapse to happen. Because of this passive attitude, men are marginalized and have less rights than women. Men mask their sense of shame from being marginalized and powerless before women by inventing strong man coping narratives. This compensation for emasculation often drives sociopathic or irrational behavior from men.

Even some conservatives themselves admit the phrase "Go Woke Go Broke", is a cope

The strong man coping is sociopathic or irrational, and therefore harmful[edit]

Many men will invent highly implausible narratives to sooth their egos. "Go Woke Go Broke", is one of those sociopathic coping narratives where they imply that treating others with compassion will inevitably result in financial ruin and thus justifies them not being compassionate.

An irrational strong man coping narrative is the concept of, "the wall", or the idea that women lose all their, "sexual market value" at the "female looks ceiling" of age 35. MGTOWs want to believe that women over 35 are used up and have no dating power, and that this will return the relationship power back to men. This is a delusional cope, since women who are 80 years old and over can find 100 new sex partners a year if they want. It also gives feminists unneeded ammo to portray most men as delusional.

Men should have the humility to admit low-status[edit]

Men should have the humility to admit their bad position in society and not try and mask it with nonsense. If men do not admit their predicament, they will fail to understand reality and will fail to take the correct action. Men do not want to work with other men collectively if it will not get them the girl, but if men fail to do so, their plight will end up getting worse and worse.

Strong Man Posturing As A Passive Aggressive Attack On Other men[edit]

A strong man posturing article on an MRA blog called AVFM

Many men engage in strong man posturing narratives as a pretext not to help other men, and to condition men into learnt helplessness. If men get told over and over again that their are own their own, they will be less likely to look for help, offer it to other men.

Male spaces that are pro male will have to keep strong man posturing out, as it is a major red flag. People who engage in that sort of toxic behaviour often have other kooky insane belief systems. Groups the like MGTOW, the Alt-Right, the Black Pill, the Red pill, etc...

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