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A selection of posts and comments from Reddit TERFs from r/GenderCritical, r/PinkPillFeminism and r/BlackPillFeminism.

A Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist is a feminist who believes that trans women are not women and that one cannot identify as a gender other than the gender they were born as. TERFs prefer to call themselves, gender critical feminists, as they find the term TERF to be offensive. The acronym TERF is pejorative the same way the term nazi is: it is purely descriptive and the negative connotation only comes from the bigotry of the people and ideas it refers to.

TERFs are one of the two main feminist groups active in the debate on gender issues. The other is intersectional feminists who are in disagreement with TERFs regarding trans issues and who support their cancellation.


TERFs lean toward sex separatism and are on average more overtly misandric than intersectional feminists. They hate everyone and everything that is not a woman born as a woman.

They display overt female supremacy. They believe that women are superior to men in a number of ways. They think that male disposability and female privilege are justified because they believe that men are less human than women. TERFs are anti-porn, anti-sex work, and they think that porn is rape. They are also very prone to believe in conspiracy theories.

Famous TERFs and TERF places[edit]

J.K. Rowling is a famous TERF who went on a rant about male violence and defended women’s “sex-based rights”.[1]

Reddit was home to major TERF cesspools, including r/GenderCritical, r/PinkPillFeminism, r/BlackPillFeminism and r/TheFairerSex. This was before the Reddit purge of TERFs, that culminated on 29 June 2020, when r/GenderCritical, the largest TERF subreddit that counted over 65,000 subscribers was banned from the site. The Pro-Male Collective played an active role in making Reddit a safer place for everyone.

TERFs and right-wingers[edit]

Right-wingers are politically attracted to TERFs and pander to them because of their shared feelings toward trans people. They’re willing to ignore the ruthless misandry TERFs display, as right-wingers fundamentally don’t care about men and because they think that trans people are a creation of so-called cultural marxism that needs to be tackled in priority. Some right-wing MRAs like Karen Straughan have defended TERFs.[2] Other instances include Tucker Carlson receiving TERF Julia Beck on his show and her being overwhelmingly praised by his clueless conservative audience.[3]


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