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test talk[edit source]

testDan (talk) 09:51, 16 June 2020 (CDT)

Gonna have to expand the main page table vertically instead of horizontally[edit source]

so that it works on mobileDan (talk) 18:54, 2 July 2020 (CDT)

Male advocates[edit source]

I think the list of male advocates is too long, and most of them need to be deleted. any thoughts on this? --unsigned comment by AMS

Those were just placeholders, but one can do whatever to the template at (talk) 13:48, 10 July 2020 (CDT)

Cleaned up main page[edit source]

Previous version had non-working links, feel free to organize however you all want to thoughDan (talk) 20:50, 11 August 2020 (UTC)

test test