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The black pill term was invented by a commenter on Omega Virgin Revolt's blog. Omega Virgin changed the name of his blog to, "The Black Pill",[1] and popularised the term. The black pill was meant to be a sane, rational alternative to the red pill. This black pill blog was one of the first men’s rights blogs to call out the problem of conspiracy theorists hijacking men’s issues.

Black Pill vs Red Pill[edit]

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The Red Pill Community was full of right wing conservatives, engaging in strong man posturing, talking about degeneracy and collapse porn. Omega Virgin Revolt used the black pill label to try and distinguish himself from the red pill ideology.[2]

Co-option of pill jargon[edit]

Omega Virgin Revolt stating the 'black pill' was co-opted, around 2017

The term red pill was soon being used by white nationalists and tradcons who wanted to pander to housewives. The term became meaningless and stood for nothing. The term black pill was soon picked up by the incel and white nationalist crowd, and instead of being about rational ethical men’s rights, it became about nihilism and giving up, simply because because many blackpillers felt it was impossible to get the girl. The term black pill became hijacked just like the red pill term was. Omega Virgin Revolt also felt his term 'black pill' was hijacked to mean nihilism, women worshipping, and a lack of commitment to empiricism, in a blog post in 2017 entitled: "It's time to give up the pills".[3]

Further hijacking[edit]

Later on, 'black pill' was adopted by Youtubers like, 'Eggman', who used phrases like, "take the Black Pill". Unfortunately, at this point the entire idea turned into radical lookism, self-loathing and defeatism. It simply nailed down everything to men's looks and operated on the belief that attractive men are really loved by women, and are never cheated on or discriminated against. Also similarly to PUA, (which was the enemy of original ideas) it mostly ignored the importance of resources and status of a man in dating. It became simple biological reductionism. The term started to mean:

If you have a good genes, and you are attractive, all women will respect you, value you and you will get sex for free. Women will cheat on men with status for you, while other men work their ass off to pander to your women. If you have bad genes and you are ugly, women will be disgusted by you and you will become a target of feminism. You will be cheated on and you are better off becoming an off grid hikikomori.
—There are still Youtube channels like FACEandLMS who still believe in this nonsense.

Blackpill "science"[edit]

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Tradcon blackpillers who hijacked the black pill have made desperate attempts to appear rational and empirical again by cherrypicking the ever living fuck out of Google Scholar on anything related to lookism or evolutionary psychology as it relates to mating. One thing they fail to do is to engage in any sort of real criticism with their narrative, preferring to create walls of texts of cherrypicked abstracts that have something to do with genetic determinism. Less ideological commentators on mating than blackpillers, such as those on PsychologyToday or StackExchange, tend to look at the entire academic and colloquial debate more, and engage with both sites, whereas 'scientific blackpillers' are only interested in evangelising, propagandising, and trying to get men to kill themselves.

More insultingly, those who populate 'blackpill science' spaces tend to consider themselves actual intellectuals. And while there can be non-academic intellectuals, blackpillers are not that. They claim they are engaging with science, but have no actual idea what that means.

How blackpill science works now that tradcons hijacked it
How science actually works


As with most failed ideologies, similarly to red pill, MGTOW, and purple pill, it became taken over by tradcons and conspiracy nuts. These groups provided the same solutions to everything: arranged marriage, small government, low taxes, no activism, blame the Jews, blame the leftists etc...

Once a critical mass of nut jobs is reached within a online space, it will soon rot away, and just because a dysfunctional space, for solipsistic people to rant.


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