There Is No Hiding From Feminism

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If one feels that the pro male cause is hopeless, and they want to drop out, it will be very hard to avoid misandry and attacks from feminists.

If one is male and decides to become apolitical that is in fact submitting to feminist abuse. Many online spaces are gatekept by feminists, even the apolitical ones. Countless video game and hobby spaces online and in the real world are controlled by feminists.

While most people do not have radical feminist learnings, they tend to have mild misandrist leanings, and are often enablers of feminism. A lot of people do not care how feminists act unless it affects them personally. So it only takes a small amount of active feminists to take over many spaces online and in the real world.

Online Examples[edit]

There are many so called "neutral" spaces on reddit, that are gatekept by feminists. A prime example is the reddit group unpopular opinion, a sub reddit with 1.7 million subscribers. Anything seen as anti feminist or anti woman is routinely taken down. The mods will then ban the poster and call them an incel. This is a general trend, and it is easy to spot if you know where to look. There are feminists in these groups gatekeeping, making sure men's issues do not get talked about. This is a strategy that is consciously designed to marginalize men.

Discord groups are not much better, countless gaming and anime groups are run by feminists or feminist enablers. The feminists in the group will try promoting their feminist narrative like it is the cultural standard that everyone must accept. If the narrative is pushed back against they can expect verbal abuse, gaslighting and then most likely a ban.

This means it is hard to find neutral spaces for men talk about their issues and raise awareness. Even non feminist and anti feminist spaces are quite hostile to men's issues. Non-feminist spaces are especially sensitive to talk about how gender roles really work, as they are denialists. Talking about the fact gender roles exploit men and men are submissive to women is a faux pas in most online space. Many men have deselection anxiety, and think truthful talk about gender dynamics is incel talk, and will attack anyone trying to have a truthful discourse on the subject.

Offline Examples[edit]

Conference centre sexual harassment policies is an example of real world feminist attacks on low status men. If one is niave he might believe these policies are a good idea, "because who wants to harass women anyway?" The problem is the harassment policies are almost always vague, and often only applied to men. The policies can be applied to any man who offends a woman. This can even lead to men being fired from their jobs and having their lives ruined. DongleGate is a classic exmaple of this.

In conclusion[edit]

Dropping out, and become apolitical is not going to work for men, Men will not be able to hide in their hobbies, they will not be able to hide in the work place. Many non-feminists do not like feminism, but have an aversion to talking about the issue, or even thinking about it too much. The problem is while they men not care about feminism, feminism cares about them. Feminism is borne from the female social dominance instinct, and they want to expand their social dominance and dominate everyone male. This instinct is not rational and can never be appeased. Women can never get enough social dominance and will carry on demanding more and more.